Selecting a Domain Name

Now you're ready to select a domain name for your website. Try to select a good domain name that reflects the purpose and content of your website. Your company name may not always be the best choice. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Reflects your Website and Business.

Your Domain Name should reflect what your website is all about. For example, if your website is about gardening, you would want to select a domain name that tells the world what your website is all about -- something like “”

Contains Keywords.

Keywords are words that best describe your web page. Try to select a Domain Name that contains relevant keyword(s) because some Search Engines place relevancy on them. If your web page is focusing on gardening, a good keyword would be "garden."

Easily Remembered and Short.

A Domain Name that is easily remembered is important. Like the "" example, the Domain Name is easily remembered, contains the most relevant keyword(s) and describes the website.

You can now register long Domain Names, it's really not a good idea. Keep it short if you expect potential visitors to remember your Domain Name. The longer the domain name the more difficult it is to remember and the more apt your potential visitors are to make a typo when typing it into their browser.

Avoid Using Numbers.

Avoid using numbers in your Domain Name, numbers in your Domain Name can cause problems. You will continually have to explain that "it's the number and not the word" or vica versa. Don't create confusion.

Avoid Using Abbreviations.

Well known companies (, can get away with using abbreviations in their domain name. Try to avoid using abbreviations, they will this cause confusion and have no value as a keyword.

Avoid using Dashes and Underscores.

Although many people do it, don't make the same mistake I made when I first started out. Avoid using dashes, underscores or any other characters within your domain name that may cause confusion or needs to be explained. When I registered the domain name,, I was new to web design. I had some other ideas but they were taken and now choose not to change my business name or Domain Name.

Domain Extension.

The Domain Name extension should be dotcom. Although there are many new domain extensions available, dotcom is still the best choice. When typing in a web address, Internet users automatically want to type in a ".com" extension. Dotcom is the extension that has been embedded into our brains from the start of the Internet.

Make a List of Domain Names.

With these suggestions in mind, create a list containing several of your favorite domain names choices. They are probably already taken so include some variations. One of the domain names on your list might be available. Take your time and keep jotting down Domain Name ideas. It will be well worth your time and effort in the long run.

Trademark Infringement.

Prior to registering a domain name, you may want to consider searching the Trademark Electronic Search System, to verify that your potential domain name isn't infringing on any trademarks. Don't take this lightly, as trademark infringement could cost you money, your business name or your entire business. A company that registers it's trademark has the right to protect their trademark and has the right to notify you that your domain name is infringing upon their trademark.

Put your intended Domain Name and/or Keywords into Google and see what kind of results are returned.

Further Thoughts.

Violating some of these suggestions will not doom you. Using all these suggestions will not guarantee success. In the nutshell; keep your Domain Name simple, easy to understand and remember, relevant to website content, and use ".com."

All the above suggestions will help with Internet marketing. Marketing your business and Domain Name doesn't end with the Internet. Don't overlook or minimize some of those good old fashion ways of marketing your company and Domain Name.

  • Make sure your Domain Name is on all your businesses printed material.
  • Advertise in printed mediums.
  • Attend trade shows.
  • Be visible and market your business and Domain Name.
  • The Internet is part of a marketing plan.
  • There are millions of websites on the Internet, don't rely solely on Search Engines.


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