Website Basics

  • Domain Names should identify business, products, individual and/or purpose of website.
  • Optimize content and Meta Tags for search engine rankings.
  • Content is king.
  • Counters tabulate the number of times a page has been opened, while this information has value, don't over rate its significance.
  • User Friendly Website Design.

Website Design

  • Giving your company impact and exposure on the Web.
  • Websites designed to meet your needs.
  • One page or multiple page websites will be developed to your requirements.

Website Maintenance

  • Keep your website updated and provide fresh content.
  • Add pages or information to your existing web site.
  • Maintain links and photos.

Domain Names

  • A Domain Name is unique.
  • Uniquely identifying your company, business or personal website.
  • We will check for availability, review possible variations, and register a domain name.
  • Once registered your domain name belongs to you, as long as you keep registration current.
  • Your domain name is a characteristic that makes your page personal and easy to identify by customers, associates and friends.

Domain Registration

  • Establish an Internet identity.
  • Register your domain name.
  • Re-register your domain name.
  • Update information on a domain name.
  • A website does not need to be completed to register a domain name, with thousands being registered every day time becomes a factor.

Search Engines

  • Registering a website with the major search engines provides your website with maximum exposure to the Internet, in the least amount of time.
  • Search engines will find your website, and display the domain name and description in a search.
  • Meta tags will be included on pages optimize listing with search engines.
  • Websites need to be promoted to be seen. A good marketing plan is essential.


  • Keywords are important for search engines.
  • A keyword phrase is two or more words that best describe your web page.
  • A well chosen Domain Name, Meta Tags and Keywords work together to optimize listing with search engines.


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