Estimating Cost of Website

Design and Maintenance

  • Complexity and size are major factors.
  • All work is based on $30.00 an hour.
  • A web site can cost from $30.00 to $250.00 per page.

Domain Registration

  • Search for availability and review possible variations.
  • Domain registration is $30.00 per year which includes 10 MB space on server to host your web site.
  • Register your domain name to establish a unique internet identity.

Domain Servers

  • Posting website to server.
  • Different servers have varying costs.
  • Domain registration can provide more than 10 MB of server space at minimal cost.

Search Engines

  • Registration with major Search Engines.
  • With completion of web site, we will register domain name with major search engines.
  • Meta Tags are included in web pages while being developed.

Receiving an Estimate

  • with questions or to receive an estimate.
  • Call with questions or to receive an estimate.
  • Complete Estimate Form

All prices are based on typical pages and web sites. The designing and development of the sites layout and colors are the most labor intensive. Subsequent pages using the same layout will require less work and therefore costing less. The cost per page may vary due to such factors as formatting and preparing graphics, length of page, special features, scripts, sound and animation.

This cost information is only a guideline. For a better cost estimate, complete "Estimate Form", with the information about your future website. The accuracy of the estimating will be reflective of the completeness and accuracy of the estimate form. The more accurate the description, the more accurate the estimate.

All web page work is calculated and billed on an hourly rate. It is nearly impossible to give an exact price for designing and developing a website. We try to make estimates as accurate as possible.

Creating or purchasing graphics can be expensive and will increase the cost of a website. We can create graphics, you can supply your own graphics, or the rights to graphics can be purchased.

H-D Solutions will provide a great website at a fair price. Feel free to contact us with any question by phone or .


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