Major Search Engines

  • MSN
  • CNET
  • Direct Hit
  • Find What
  • AOL Anywhere
  • Overture (formerly GoTo)
  • LookSmart
  • Kanoodle
  • EuroSeek
  • appx. 1,400 more worldwide

The phrase "Search Engine", is a generic term used to cover all the services that catalog web sites and their content.

The major search engines all use varying parameters and criteria to find, list and catalog web sites. The right wording and Meta Tags will make your website appear more often and higher in the rankings. It is important to maximize your exposure to the Internet. Registering your web site will accelerate the process of getting a web site cataloged with the search engines, directories and web crawlers.

Eventually all Search Engines will find your site and include the URL in their catalog. It may take months to find a web site without registration.

Registering with the Search Engines will speed this process to several weeks. With correct content wording and Meta Tag language, a URL will be found in a search and rank higher. There is no guarantee on obtaining high rankings though proper content and Meta Tags will provide better results.

Another reality of the search engine world is that if you wish to pay, you will show up in a search a few days after submission. What you are paying for is an immediate listing and high rankings. This can be expensive and in some cases a good idea.

Many factors go into the Search Engine equation. This is a brief explanation of how Search Engines work and what you can expect. There are books written on this subject or try a Google search if you would like to learn more about search engines.


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